For medium term missionaries (3 months to a year)

We are greatly encouraged by your interest to work with us as a medium term missionary. You will make a lasting impact and your life will be changed!


Please read through the Vacancies List to see the current responsibilities that we need volunteers to fulfill. If you believe that God has prompted you to join our team through serving in one of the areas on the Vacancies List and you meet the requirements, please complete the Application Form and send back to Matt Mackie at

Once your trip is confirmed, please download and complete the following forms and return them to us at
Medical Form.doc
Indemnity Form.doc


Below are the prerequisites to serve as a Medium term Missionary. Your application, or request as a volunteer only initiates the invitation process. We will read your information and pray about how God may plan to use you here. We will appreciate prayerful patience on your part, until we confirm that your application is successful.

  • Those volunteering with us need to have a personal commitment to Christ Jesus and a hunger for a deeper walk with Him.
  • Volunteers need to be willing to submit to authority and demonstrate a servant’s heart.
  • Unless accompanied by a parent or ministry leader, Medium Term Missionaries must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You need to be self-financed. You are responsible for raising your own support to cover both personal and work related expenses. The Zambia Project is under no obligation
  • to cover the costs of any work or projects you undertake under the auspices of the Project.
  • You need to be sent and recommended by your local church or Christian sending organization. We require a letter of motivation from them as well as a character reference.
  • You’ll need proper ministry experience in line with the role you wish to fulfill while in Zambia e.g. If you wish to do leadership training in Zambia, you must have trained
  • leaders within your sending church, or organization.
  • We require that you are covered with emergency medical insurance for the duration of your term in Zambia. This is essential for all who visit or here, whether for a few days
  • or several years. Most domestic medical insurance plans do not cover foreign travel, so check with your plan administrator to verify your coverage. If you need additional
  • insurance cover, you can talk to your travel agent. Alternatively, you can give us proof that you have sufficient finances in case of any emergency.
  • We will send you a letter of invitation which will be necessary for your visa application. Individuals from most countries will be able to get their ‘Business Visa’ upon arrival
  • in Zambia. It is your responsibility to confirm details with the Zambian Embassy in your country of residence.
  • In most cases, a member of the Zambia Field Board will set up a SKYPE, or face-to-face informal interview with you.
  • You need to submit the following completed and signed forms and documents to the Zambia Project’s leadership prior to your arrival in Zambia:
Job Description

Your Job Description will be based on the information you give us on your Application Form and the needs within the Zambia Project. We will do our best to accommodate you in the areas you wish to serve, but we also require everyone to serve wherever needed. We will send your Job Description for agreement by you before you depart for Zambia.

What to bring

We recommend that you bring US dollars or South African Rands as both these currencies are easy to exchange for Zambian Kwacha at the local banks in Lusaka and Mongu. There is a currency exchange counter at the airport in Lusaka, which offers a good exchange rate for currency conversions.
Visa cards may be used in Mongu with a pin number to get cash advances in local currency from an ATM when needed.

***Please note that Mastercard is not accepted in Mongu.***


What to expect

One Time Expenses

Many of our visitors fly to Lusaka and take a bus from there to Mongu. Your bus ticket to and from Mongu will cost approximately $35 (R240). You may also be charged for your luggage, but this should not exceed $5 (R40). You will be responsible to book your own flights. It is advisable to arrive in Lusaka as early as possible to avoid an over night stay in the city. The last bus leaves for Mongu around 1pm each day. However, should you require accommodation in Lusaka, we would advise you to stay at the Flying Missions Guest House who charge about $20 (R140) per night.
You can book through their website

The Holiday Inn will be a more expensive option. Your transport within Lusaka from the airport to the guesthouse, or bus station will be around $35 (R240).


Please note that it is your responsibility to confirm the VISA details with the Zambian Embassy in your country of residence before your departure. When you enter Zambia, you need to show our ‘Letter of Invite’ at Immigration. The officers need to stamp your passport with a 30-day business visit VISA, as you will be volunteering for a non-profit organization. Volunteers from most other countries need to pay $50 USD for a single entry and $80 USD for a multiple entry. You will not be charged for this if you are a South African. Before the 30 days are over you will need to go to the immigration office in Mongu and apply for a temporary permit. This Visa allows you to volunteer with us for 3 months and costs around $250 (R3000).

Monthly Expenses

Transport in and around Mongu will be about $50 (R340) and you will make use of the taxi services that we recommend. Your job description may require that you join our outreach teams to remote villages from time to time. If that is the case, you need to budget an extra $50 (R340) for fuel costs.


You can please budget around $30 (R200) for communication via a Mobile/Cell phone and $50 (R340) a month for the use of Internet.

Accommodation at Mutoya

You will be camping in a tent and use our campsite ablutions (showers and toilets). Although we do not charge our medium term missionaries for accommodation, we do appreciate a contribution towards security, water, electricity, gas for cooking, etc. An average contribution would be around $140 (R2035) per month.

Hospitality & Generosity

Although we encourage generosity, we do not give things away without carefully thinking through the consequences. We guard against developing a hand-out mentality. We kindly request you respect this policy and check with Zambian leadership first before giving items or money. With this in mind, we do want you to be generous and hospitable, so please budget around $20 (R140) for hospitality. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Your personal expenses really depend on you. Some buy and eat the basic local food available and others buy more expensive groceries at Shoprite. Shoprite is a grocery store that sells most of the general items for everyday use. Some people may also want to buy souvenirs. With all of these variables in lifestyle is hard to predict what you will spend. We suggest you budget about $150 (R1,000) per month for your personal expenses.


So others may live

Many of our visitors are very generous, both financially and through gifts and supplies they donate to the Zambia Project. We require that all donations of supplies, as well as cash donations, be given directly to the full-time leadership team for distribution to ensure that they are expended in keeping with the ministry’s current priorities and needs. If you wish to designate a particular area to benefit from your contribution, we will certainly honor your intention as much as possible.

We trust that we will have a great time serving together!

Paul, Marinette and the Zambia Project Team


“If you can't feed hundreds of people, feed just one."

Mother Theresa

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Bill Wilson
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