We need your help to fight hunger!

One of the larger districts in Western Zambia called; Shangombo, is experiencing a famine. A drought caused maize crops to fail. Farmers were left with no harvest for 2019. We run life-giving churches in this area and it’s heartbreaking to watch families suffer.

Please consider donating towards bags of Maize Meal at R180 / US$13 per bag. Our staff on the ground, Lloyd & Lihana Kaputula, will make sure the food gets to the families in need.

Click on “Donate now” below for our banking details. Please reference “Fight Hunger” for electronic payments or choose “Fight Hunger” under our drop-down menu for online payments.

The famine is expecting to end April/May 2020 after the rainy season. Please pray & trust with us. Raining season starts October/November 2019.

Thanks so much. Together we can rise against hunger in Western Zambia!

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“If you can't feed hundreds of people, feed just one."

Mother Theresa

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Bill Wilson
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