28 Day Generosity Challenge

We are challenging you to pick an amount and commit to saving that amount daily for 28 days! On the 28th day, 14 March, you take the amount that you have saved and donate it to VOH Mongu, to invest in the next generation!

For the 28 days we will give you insight into the day-to-day activities at VOH Mongu and celebrate some special days and events with you!

What is VOH Mongu? At VOH Mongu, our mission is to bring lasting hope to children at risk in Mongu. We do that through our:

  • VOH School
  • VOH Homes
  • Save a Life Centre
  • Champions Club
  • VOH Clinic
  • Sustainability Farm


“If you can't feed hundreds of people, feed just one."

Mother Theresa

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Bill Wilson