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With the lack of basic infrastructure in the Western Province of Zambia, one the most major challenges for villagers is the the lack of a good, clean water source. Without clean, safe drinking water, disease, dehydration, and even premature death constantly plague the people; their babies and children being especially vulnerable. We aim to uplift the rural communities and help to empower them to become productive members of their area and we know that providing this essential need is the first step in achieving this goal.

A research team usually starts by establishing a relationship with the village elders before the actual work begins. We use a drill rig to drill a borehole to a depth that will sustain the community throughout the year and then cast a concrete slab to seal it. A MKII hand pump is then installed on top of this slab ensuring that the well does not silt up or get contaminated.

The whole well installation is done with help and labour from our team together with the community themselves. By participating in and becoming part of the process, the community learns to understand the benefits of a clean water source and the need to maintain it. This is a foreign concept for many that have only ever lived a meager existence. These rural communities are exposed to nature and what seasonal devastation or blessing it brings.

Seeing their delighted faces, especially those of the children, while drinking water without having to spit out soil or other particles, is a joy that is difficult to express. Where there was once the stress of no clean drinking water, there is now an immediate and significant change and lives improve dramatically as their health steadily improves. The daily drudge of always looking for water is now dealt with, mothers are able to feed their babies and children can attend and concentrate at school. Previously, their absence from school was a reminder of their community’s inability to provide the basics in life. The positive change in the communities is phenomenal and so encouraging.

Water wells drastically reduce diseases and increase the quality of life for many. Once communities have a reliable water source, other possibilities are available such as growing vegetables, planting fruit trees and maintaining better personal hygiene. Because a well will benefit the community as a whole, relationship building is essential to ensure a long-term partnership for future sustainable development.

The cost of each well is approximately USD 4 000 (R 45 000.00). This might seem like a lot of money, but it is a small price to pay when we see the hope that it brings to future generations in this area. The investment is well worth it!

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