Through our orphan homes, homeless children are placed in loving Christian families. You can sponsor a homeless child in one of our orphan homes for R780.00 per month as sole sponsor or R520.00/R260.00 per month as a co-sponsor. Your participation will assist in providing a child with the following:

•  Shelter
•  A Christian ‘mother’ and a loving family
•  A quality Christian education
•  Nutritious meals
•  Clothes, shoes, and blanket, etc.
•  Medical care
•  A gift on his/her birthday and Christmas
•  Love & hope

You will receive a picture of your sponsored child, as well as reports on his/her progress; a letter from your child will be mailed to you by regular post three times a year.

Meet Isaiah, one of the gorgeous, flourishing children in our orphan homes.



Isaiah joined our residential home at the tender age of 4 months, when his family abandoned him. He was found with a plastic bag over his head, left to die. 


This is him, 2 years later, lovingly cared for by Charity, one of the house mothers at Village of Hope – Mongu. We are thrilled to be part of this precious life and we know God has special plans for him!

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