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The monthly sponsorship amount is $75 USD (R800.00) per month. You may either make your payments monthly or you may make a one-time donation to support a child for the time period of your choice.

The Village of Hope team ensures that your donation goes directly to the wellbeing of your sponsored child. Your participation in sponsoring a child at our Save a Life project will go towards the child’s nutritious baby milk, meals, medical care, and clothes. You will also assist us to empower his or her caregiver in starting her own micro-business. Our goal is for the caregiver to receive an income that will allow him or her to give the child the continued care he or she needs.

When you first sign up to sponsor, you will receive a photo of your sponsored child and information about him or her and his or her family. During the course of 6 months, we will send you monthly updates so that you can follow your child’s progress. At the end of the 6-month sponsorship period, you will receive an updated picture of your child with a report on their progress and whether they have recovered completely so that he or she can be discharged.

The children remain on the feeding scheme until they are healthy and of a good weight. On average, it takes a malnourished child 6 months to recover. Sometimes it may take longer, in which case we will give you the opportunity to continue in sponsoring the child.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please email us at info@zam.co.za

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