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We run a feeding scheme in Mongu that operates from the Save a Life Centre. This program, where babies and small children are treated in time to prevent severe malnourishment, is incredibly successful. Caregivers and small children meet once a week to receive the baby milk and food that the malnourished children need for a full recovery. The children are each weighed, and their progress is closely monitored. Our team visits the children & their families in their homes and gives advice on hygiene, nutrition, and how to care for the babies & small children. Most importantly, we introduce them to Jesus.

We also run a feeding scheme within Kalabo and its surrounding areas. Kalabo is the largest town situated on the Western side of the Zambezi River, surrounded by many poor and rural communities. Many orphaned, newborn babies and malnourished, vulnerable children call this area home. A volunteer worker from Kalabo manages this scheme in a manner similar to the one we facilitate in Mongu. Unfortunately, due to challenges that we face with available finances and transporting the food and milk to Kalabo, we are limited in the number of kids we can support in Kalabo. During the rainy season, the road to Kalabo is flooded and we can only send the children’s food by boat. Even in the dry months, 4×4 vehicles are necessary for transport.

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