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We run Mobile Clinics in villages that are far away from the nearest clinic. Our 4×4 vehicles are converted into a pharmacy and we use a tree, mud house or tent to provide shelter for the patients.

Some of the challenges we face include:

  • Communication and cultural barriers
  • Lack of education to be able to read or count (We make use of translators, but some of the languages have never been written down and only a small number of people speak them.)
  • A challenge to give health information

The main medical conditions we treat in the villages include:

  1. Respiratory tract infections
  2. Gastro
  3. Muscle and joint pains
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases
  5. Malaria
  7. Malnourishment

Our Village of Hope Clinic also organises Medical Outreaches to remote villages where we uplift the clinics in rural communities. We help by renovating the buildings, fixing broken equipment, assisting with administration work, releasing the staff and treating patients. These rural clinics serve communities with a population totalling 6 000 to 9 000 people with very few staff and limited resources. It is often very difficult for us to reach these medical clinics due to poor road conditions and thick sand.

A highlight of our Medical Outreaches is meeting around a campfire in the evenings and sharing stories about how good God is.


  1. Volunteer your time: We need medical people to help at our Village of Hope Clinic and support our staff. Without your help, we cannot reach the remote villages.
  2. Renovate buildings: You can help to renovate some of the rural clinics by painting and doing repairs.
  3. Financial support: Our biggest expenses are medication, fuel to drive to the remote areas where we work and the maintenance of the vehicles.
  4. Please pray: Pray for our safety on the roads and protection against diseases.

Communities are transformed and many lives are saved through the dedication of our medical staff and volunteers. Something you can do so easily can result in an unexpected miracle for someone else.  Be part of itit will change your life too!


The Western Province has many social needs and has been ‘untouched’ for so many years. Most people have never had access to any form of medical care and sadly the death rate is high. It is incredible in this present age that so many deaths occur from treatable and preventable diseases. Children die from a very treatable infection like tonsillitis, simply because they do not have access to antibiotics. One of the biggest killers amongst women and infants is childbirth, as there often is no trained medical practitioner to assist should complications arise. From the beginning we have tried to help the people from our limited resources available. Medical outreaches to rural villages are on the forefront of our work.

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