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The main purpose of our work is to present the Gospel to the people. The greatest gift anyone can ever receive is the gift of Eternal Life. It’s awesome to observe the transforming power of God at work in people’s lives when they surrender to Him.

Western Zambia truly is “virgin soil” as most people have never had a clear presentation of the Gospel. When we go into an area for the first time, we start at the beginning: ‘God created the heavens and the earth’. We then explain how sin entered the world and the terrible consequences that it brought to people and creation. Fortunately God loved us so much that he didn’t leave us without hope, but offered a way out by sending His Son who laid down His own life for us all. Because of this unmerited love, God has given us the solution to the effect of sin in our lives and in our communities. When the people hear this message for the first time they get very excited and almost always respond positively.

We have found that the most effective way to communicate this Truth is to go from house to house, explaining in detail and answering any questions the villagers may have. The Lozi people are always excited when we visit and welcome us cheerfully. When visiting, we pray for the sick and often see the miraculous. This glorifies God, confirms the message and many then put their trust in Him!

The main language spoken is Silozi and we are all making an effort to learn it, but we still have to make use of interpreters. Besides Silozi there are 26 other languages spoken in this area alone! We sometimes need to use up to 4 interpreters to convey a message in a language the people can understand! Much patience and love is required and the interpreters are an amazing part of our team.

In the Western Province animism and witchcraft are prevalent. A lot of occultic charms are used for protection, to prosper and accomplish things. We once came across idol worship similar to Hinduism in a really remote village. This makes our work complicated at times as many of the witch doctors warn people against us, telling them that we have come to steal their hearts.

There are also numerous cults that are very well established in the area. A Lozi person’s traditional view of their god is that he became afraid of the people because their magic was too powerful and ran away to heaven. The Word of God is powerful and the Truth sets people free from all the bondage of their false beliefs. We try to always trust God for a visible demonstration of His power when we minister. When the Truth and this demonstration are evident many put their faith in God.

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