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Although the obstacles are enormous and the area incredibly vast with rural villagers often remote and inaccessible, we are passionate about establishing healthy, Christ centred churches in every community in Western Zambia. Time and again we have witnessed that strong local churches are the key to genuine community transformation.

When planting a new church, we always speak to the Nduna (Headman) of a village first and get his permission to tell the people about Jesus. They are usually very open to our request. We also have many standing invitations from headmen to come and share the Good News with their people. This is due to the changes they see in the communities that have accepted Jesus! Once we have permission, the people will be gathered under a tree or in an open area and we will explain the Gospel message. The harvest is very ripe and many will give their lives. If we do not have a local leader from Mongu or another village that can lead a newly planted church, we, in conjunction with the new community of believers, will appoint between three to four people to oversee the church. We have found that over a period of time, a natural leader will emerge out of this group. If there is a more mature church nearby the new church, they will take on the responsibility of discipling the new believers and helping to nurture the new church. Members of the Zambia Project and short term teams will also visit them as much as possible.

The Apostle Paul established the church in the four provinces of Asia in 10 years! We believe that we can learn a lot from Paul’s church planting philosophy. Let’s look at some key factors that contributed to his success.
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The main purpose of our work is to present the Gospel to the people. The greatest gift anyone can ever receive is the gift of Eternal Life. It’s awesome to observe the transforming power of God at work in people’s lives when they surrender to Him.
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We want a Christ-centred church established in every community throughout Western Zambia. This can only take place through prayers, evangelism and the high priority we place on discipleship of believers and leadership training.
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We have realized that we can only achieve our vision of having a church within walking distance of every person in Western Zambia by raising up an army of local leaders. With this in mind we started Hope Church in Mongu during December 2008.
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