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Our Core Values lie at the center of what we believe, who we are, and what we do. We believe that the following values are essential for the success of the Zambia Project…
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In 1963, Brother John Bond, the then National Leader of AOG in South Africa, and others went to Mongu to gain permission from the Lozi king to bring the Gospel into the Western Province. Unfortunately political reasons prevented their return.
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God gave us a beautiful piece of land in Katongo, on the outskirts of Mongu that overlooks the Zambezi Floodplain. As a team, we decided to call our new home ‘Mutoya’.
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Our vision is to establish a Christ-centred church within walking distance of every person in the Western Province and to see all villages impacted by the Gospel and uplifted through a strong Christian community.

We accomplish our vision by :

  • Planting and disciplining churches in unreached communities;
  • Running a Bible School (Training Centre) for the various village church leaders;
  • Partnering with Wycliffe in translating the Bible into new languages;
  • Caring for orphans and vulnerable children through our ‘Village of Hope’;
  • Community development through education and skill-based projects. This include primary health care training, community schools & agricultural development;
  • Meeting urgent needs through medical clinics, establishing water wells and feeding programs;
  • Entrepreneurship training;
  • Providing opportunities for people both locally and abroad to fulfill their destinies.

We find that people are willing to walk about one hour each way to church. The area is vast, over 250 000 square km with little infrastructure and populated by approximately one million people in remote villages. To achieve our vision, an estimated 6000 churches are required. Currently there are only about 60!




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