For as little as R260.00 per month as a co-sponsor, or R520.00 as a sole sponsor, you can positively impact a child’s future, and experience the joys of seeing a young life develop. Your participation to sponsor a child to go to school will assist in providing a child with the following:
•  A quality Christian education
•  Nutritious meals
•  Clothes, shoes, and a blanket
•  Medical care
•  A gift on his/her birthday and Christmas
•  Love & hope
You will receive a picture of your sponsored child, as well as a school report and a letter from your child which will be mailed to you by regular post three times a year. Meet Given, one of the many children who have responded amazingly well to the intentional love that they receive:


Given Mwanuamuke’s family was abandoned by his father, and his mother was unable to care for them. Two of Given’s younger siblings died due to malnourishment, and although Given really wanted to come to our school, he was too weak and malnourished to do so. In 2009 we began delivering regular meals for him to his house and monitoring his progress, and in 2010 he was able to join our school! As you can see in the picture, Given is now a handsome 7-year-old in Grade 1. It’s been such a blessing to be part of his life.

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